SAT & ACT Tests are Coming up!

  • Does your student know which test to take?
  • Does your student know when or how many times to take the test?
  • Is your student ready to take the SAT or ACT??

More Than Likely - Not Quite

But that's OKAY!

In this Seminar, TestRocker COO Urvashi Keown, will go through her 5 step process to prepare for the SAT/ACT.

"My 5 step plan has helped thousands of students all around the world achieve great success on the SAT & ACT. Now I want to share the secrets with you to help your students succeed."



Join us for this free live seminar to learn these 5 secret steps, and to make sure YOUR student is on the right track. SAT/ACT planning is very important and can sometimes be difficult. With this guidance it will provide a good system making you and your teen less stressed, more informed and ultimately setting up your teen for the utmost success


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