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SAT & ACT Tests are Coming up!

  • Did you get your PSAT scores back?
  • Do you want to improve your SAT/ACT scores?
  • Do you know the proper steps all top scorers take to get their scores?

 11th Grade

View our seminar and let us help you!

In this seminar, Test PrepExpert Urvashi Keown, will explain how to flip any PSAT score into a top SAT or ACT score.

"My test taking plan has helped thousands of students all around the world achieve great success on the SAT & ACT. Now I want to share the secrets with you to help you succeed."



View this free seminar to learn these secret steps, and to make sure YOU ARE on the right track. SAT/ACT planning is very important and can sometimes be difficult. With this guidance it will provide a good system making you less stressed, more informed and ultimately setting you up for the utmost success! Don't wait until later in the year to think about the SAT/ACT. College application season and 12th grade is stressful enough.


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