Tackling the SAT & ACT Live Class

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Urvashi Keown, COO & Co-Founder of TestRocker, talks about how to tackle the SAT & ACT.

"Using our 14+ years of test tutoring experience we've found the best strategies around tackling the SAT & ACT. We've helped thousands of teens succeed on their tests using these strategies. Now I want to show YOU for FREE." - Urvashi Keown

Join us and ask questions, listen in, take notes and learn how to tackle your test! 95% of people recommend TestRocker to a friend. So you CANNOT miss this. 

In this seminar you will learn:

- Secrets to maximizing your  test scores.

- How scores correlate with acceptances.

- How to get scholarships to college.

- Why you need to take the PSAT seriously.

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