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Making SAT vocabulary fun again!

Posted by Sybil St. Hilaire on Fri, Jul 19, 2013

When it comes to SAT test-prep (unless you study with TestRocker) your most vivid memory will involve flipping through lots and lots of flashcards. What kind of flashcards? Vocabulary flashcards. Why? Because the SAT is one of the few times you will be tested on your knowledge of words like antediluvian, bowdlerize, or even fecundity.

 Understanding the meaning of these and other SAT wordsvocab game screenshot copy is critical to doing well on the SAT. Various portions of the SAT’s reading and writing sections will require you to put your vocabulary skills to the test. Over the course of the SAT you will be required to define key words in reading passages, complete sentences, and write a stellar essay.

 The reading section is one of the toughest sections of the SAT and presents an obstacle for a lot of students. A strong vocabulary plays an important role in ensuring high scores on this section. The reading section will include three sentence completion portions. In my experience, students make on average 3-4 mistakes on each sentence completion portion. This can quickly add up to 9-12 mistakes! It’s no wonder that the average reading score is 496 out of 800*. An extensive knowledge of SAT vocab words will decrease the number of mistakes made. A strong vocabulary will also allow you to read and understand passages better.

 Building your vocabulary is also critical to writing a better essay during the 25 minute long essay section of the SAT. The SAT essay is an often-overlooked way to boost one’s overall SAT score.  According to the CollegeBoard’s Essay Scoring Guide in order to get a high score on the essay students must, “exhibit a skillful use of language, using a varied, accurate, and apt vocabulary.” The ability to embellish your essay with impressive vocabulary will lead to more points.

 Here at TestRocker we are committed to equipping students with the vocabulary skills necessary to do well on the SAT. So committed that we created our very own Vocab Game! The Vocab Game is about more than just memorization, it actually encourages students to understand the meaning of a word and apply it in a sentence. I worked hard to boil the thousand word list of SAT vocab words down to the 300 words seen most frequently on the SAT.

Want another fun way to learn vocab? Then check out our latest contest Vocab with Friends. Every month the TestRocker team will pick our favorite SAT word and you will be invited to record a video defining the chosen word as creatively as possible. We make learning SAT vocab fun!

This contest is our effort to show that the SAT is not the only reason that vocabulary matters. Good vocabulary serves you for life in college, work, and beyond!

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Suniti Mathur Private TutorSuniti is the creator of TestRocker, an online SAT test prep service that helps you unlock your dream SAT score. TestRocker is based on Suniti’s highly successful and proven method of teaching students how to maximize their SAT and ACT scores, a method she has perfected through tutoring thousands of students in the U.S., Asia, and the UK for more than a decade.  Her intuitive and comprehensive approach has now been adapted for the online space.



*Average scores as reported by CollegeBoard for 2012 SAT takers

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Suniti is the creator of TestRocker, an online learning platform that helps you unlock your dream PSAT, SAT and ACT scores. TestRocker is based on Suniti’s highly successful and proven method of teaching thousands of students how to maximize their PSAT, SAT and ACT scores for over a decade.

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