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Back to School: 5 Things seniors must tell their counselors

Posted by Sybil St. Hilaire on Fri, Aug 22, 2014

College Prep Harkness TableYou’ve done it! Well, almost. If you’re a senior about to start your final year of high school, the bulk of the hard work is already behind you. As you celebrate all of the hard work that it took to get to where are, you must also plan for the future. When it comes to your college plans, it’s important to communicate these key pieces of information to your guidance counselor from the beginning of your senior year.


Share your college list revisions

As a senior, you should have spent the summer after your junior year researching the schools on the college list your counselor provided you with. This research may have included school visits, in-depth research online, reading through any materials schools shared with you, and conversations with students, faculty, and staff from your institution of interest. Based on your findings, let your counselor know which schools seem to be the best fit given your goals, desired experience, and academics.


Updated SAT/ACT Scores

Once you are back on your high school’s campus let your counselor know where your scores stand. This information will help them set realistic expectations for you. It will also allow your counselor to develop an informed picture of where you stand as an applicant. Based on your updated college list, your college counselor can let you know what score range you need to target on subsequent test retakes. Counselors would also be able to share score information for alumni who attend the schools you are interested in. Wondering how to pick the right target score? Start with our advice. Click here.

Share your test-prep plan for the coming year

In addition to a score update, seniors should also share whether they plan to take the test again before college applications are due. Doing this allows students to double check the necessity of additional testing. Students and counselors can work together to ensure that test scores are back in time to be considered by admissions committees.

Share planned extra-curricular and academic course load

During your senior year, there is the temptation to just do the bare minimum. It is important to consult with your guidance counselor to make sure you are meeting graduation requirements, while continuing to challenge yourself and explore any areas of potential interest.  This will also allow your counselor to share with college admissions committees how you have grown academically over the course of your high school career.


Talk through your approach for requesting recommendations. 

Since your counselor will act as your advocate throughout the college admissions process, it is important to get their input about teacher recommendations. They should have some sense of which teachers will be able to speak positively about your academic performance. In most cases your counselor will also share a recommendation on your behalf, be sure to share any key messages you want them to send.
The college application process is difficult enough, you don’t have to go it alone. Remember to rely on the parents, teachers, and counselors around for advice, support, or just a shoulder to cry on. The sooner you share your plan and get these people involved, the more likely you are to find yourself celebrating the positive outcome of the entire process.

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