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Picking the right SAT and ACT Test Dates

Posted by Suniti Mathur on Fri, Aug 08, 2014

SAT and ACT dates for the 2017-2018 school year have been released. As students, specifically sophomores and juniors, start to plan for the academic year ahead as it may be difficult to pin down a specific test date. For students who want to be able to juggle their test prep without slacking academically, planning in advance of test day will be of the utmost importance. The sooner a test date has been chosen, the easier it will be to prepare appropriately.  Here are a few things to consider when picking the right SAT and ACT test dates. 

What are the actual test dates?

For those who have already decided whether they will take the SAT, ACT, or both the next step is looking up the relevant ACT &  SAT dates.

Note: Confused about which test to take? Take our 3 minute propensity quiz to figure out if you are better suited for the SAT or ACT.

Consult the image below to see what your test date options are:

SAT 2017, sat 2018, act 2017, act 2018

2017 sat, 2018 sat, 2017 act, 2018 act 

When are your major academic, family, and extra-curricular commitments?

A major component of college success will be the ability to manage your time effectively. Now is the perfect time to start honing in on this essential skill. Once you are aware of all the available SAT and ACT test dates in a given year, it is important to start thinking about which dates may be the most convenient for you.

Once school starts, work with your teachers to understand when key exams like midterms, finals, and AP exams will be taking place. Work with your parents to understand what the expectations will be of you in the coming year, and if your family plans to be out of town immediately before or during any of the test dates you are considering. It is also important to start thinking about your extra-curricular commitments. If you are holding any school leadership positions think about your obligations and when you will have busy periods. Once you have identified all of your busy periods try to determine whether any test dates outside of your busy period could work for you.

What will your school calendar look like?

Once you have identified your busy periods, it’s important to consult your school calendar to find out when you will have time off from school. Here at TestRocker, we really encourage our students to make the most of their vacation time. Making the most of your summer and winter breaks can allow you to get ahead of any busy periods and still be prepared adequately for your SAT or ACT test day.

Does your school require you to take the SAT or ACT by a certain date?

Some schools require their students to attempt the test on or before a certain date. If this is the policy at your school be sure to schedule one of your attempts by this time.

When do you need to have your scores back?

This question is especially relevant for seniors who may be retaking the test for a second or third time. Seniors need to ensure that they have taken the test and will get the scores back in time to submit to colleges. Scholarship and pre-college programs may also have a deadline by which students need to submit SAT or ACT scores. In all instances, students should plan to take the test on the most convenient date before their application deadlines. 

If you're applying for early decision or early action learn about deadlines for perticular schools here

What is the registration date for your chosen test?

This question does not help you pick a given test date but is extremely important once you have settled on a date. There is nothing worse than selecting a date and then missing the registration deadline. As you pick a test date, make sure you are aware of the corresponding registration deadline and don’t miss it. Luckily our test date charts above do come with registration deadlines listed. Keep in mind if need be, there are still late registrations available for both tests but they do reuqire a fee. 

See ACT Late Registration Information

See SAT Late Registration Information

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