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4 Reasons to Prepare for the SAT & ACT this Summer

Posted by Sybil St. Hilaire on Tue, Jun 20, 2017

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Updated: June 6th, 2018

The time is finally here, the long awaited and much deserved summer vacation. After a long and grueling semester filled with tests, final projects, and tight deadlines, it is finally time for students and their parents to take a break! Families are heading off on vacations or looking forward to staycations. Both of which include days dedicated to rest, relaxation, new hobbies, and family bonding. 

While we here at TestRocker believe the summer is a perfect time to decompress, we also see it as the perfect opportunity for high-schoolers to do some stress-free SAT/ACT prep. 

Here are the top four reasons why:

1. Avoiding the summer slide

giphy-tumblr.gifAccording to a study by John Hopkins University, children lose approximately 2.6 months of grade level equivalency in math during their summer months. This is because students often find themselves with no set routine and don’t receive the same level of intellectual stimulation that takes place in the classroom. Studying for these tests over the summer with a customized program like TestRocker will keep children engaged. The program also helps refresh many concepts that were learned in school.

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2. Studying when relaxed leads to better retention

There is no shortage to the number of studies that show that retention is higher when students learn while relaxed. Students have more free time in the summer, along with the opportunity to take a brief break before getting back to studying. This is the chance for your children to study more effectively for the tests at their own relaxed pace, in a comfortable environment.

3. Getting ahead of the crunch

Mistakes are made when we do things in a hurry. The same is true with studying for the ACT or SAT. One big mistake is starting to study without a plan and final goal in mind. Beginning SAT prep during the summer allows students to invest in a summer study plan. The absence of schoolwork also makes it much easier to make time for dedicated prep, 4-hour practice tests and quizzes. The next school year will bring along its own set of stresses: new classes, more activities, more tests, college applications, essays, deadlines and the tests. Use the summer to help your child get ahead of the crunch, and the competition.

4. The August SAT & July ACT

In 2017 Collegeboard decided to hold their first test date in August instead of September. This year it will be on August 25th. For most students this is before they go back to school, and it's useful to take the SAT before school starts as #3 explains, because 12th grade gets stressful. For more information on the August SAT see our post all about it. 

Additionally, this year ACT added a new July 14th test. Like the SAT, this now gives students the ability to take the ACT before going back to school. However, the ACT test is placed more in the middle of the Summer. That means less time to prep during the Summer so get to your prep now!

End the summer well ahead of the curve when it comes to SAT & ACT prep, and begin the next school year without the additional burden of anything more than the occasional refresher. 

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