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New Year’s Resolutions to help you ace the ACT/SAT

Posted by Sybil St. Hilaire on Fri, Jan 03, 2014

After all the New Year’s Eve celebrations and year-end countdowns it is time to pick a resolution and stick to it. As many high school students begin to make their resolutions, it’s important to realize that one small resolution can have a positive effect on a number of different areas in your life. Here are some New Year’s resolutions that will help you be a better person, do better in school, and even ace the ACT/SAT.

Read more books

Besides allowing you to expand your perspectives and experience new worlds, reading more books will allow you to expand your vocabulary in ways that should ultimately allow you to perform well on the SAT/ACT writing section. This expanded vocabulary will allow you to write a well-crafted essay in a short amount of time. Your reading comprehension will also increase over time, as you continue to read and think critically. sleepy1 resized 600

Get more sleep

It always seems like there are more things on your to-do list than hours in the day to do them. In an effort to tackle this imbalance many people sacrifice sleep. It’s important to understand that less sleep doesn’t necessarily mean more productivity. This year, don’t ignore the benefits of sleep. A night of good sleep after studying for the SAT/ACT will help you retain and process the new information you’ve learned.

Be Healthier

A common resolution during the New Year is wanting to lose weight. For those who have this goal in mind it might make sense to pursue a healthier lifestyle overall. Eating nutrient-rich foods and maintaining an active lifestyle can improve your mood and boost your energy levels.

Spend more time with your family and friends

As you pursue any goal, whether its admission to college, a leadership position in a school club, or a high academic scores it is easy to get so focused that you neglect the people you love. As you work towards this goal make time for the people you value most. Often taking this break from studying can help you feel refreshed and avoid burn out.

Manage your time more effectively

The key to making any of these resolutions happen is ensuring that you are managing your time effectively. Doing this will force you to evaluate your priorities and add a bit more structure to your day. Curious about how to start? Check out my time management tips.


Have any additional New Year’s Resolutions that can help students improve their SAT/ACT score? Leave us a comment and let us know what it is!

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