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The TestRocker Story

Posted by Urvashi Mathur on Tue, Oct 09, 2012

Watch this quick animated video about the unique TestRocker story!  

TestRocker: Our Story 

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TestRocker, a new online learning platform, to be launched in December 2012

Posted by Sonali Mathur on Mon, Oct 01, 2012

Daughters team up with Mother to transform the way students prepare for and perform in the SAT and ACT

New York, NY (Marketwire – October 1, 2012):  In December 2012, educator Suniti Mathur and her daughters, Sonali and Urvashi will launch TestRocker- a unique and personalized online education platform for standardized test preparation. 

TestRocker is based on Suniti’s highly successful and proven method of teaching; a method she has perfected over a decade of tutoring thousands of students in USA, UK, Australia and Asia, to reach their full potential and maximize their SAT and ACT scores.  Her simple and intuitive approach has now been adapted for the online space.  A student who recently had access to TestRocker’s beta site said, “I found the content superb and the execution really professional. It seems as if she is teaching you personally and the concepts become very clear.” 

Suniti’s track record of success led to more requests for tutoring than she was able to accommodate. “I hated turning students away,” said Suniti, “especially since these were all word-of-mouth referrals. I had never actually advertised anywhere, yet all of a sudden I found myself tutoring students all over the world for fourteen hours a day ”. This became a topic of conversation with her two daughters – Sonali, who was working in strategy at a leading tech startup in New York and Urvashi, an account executive at one of the world’s premier advertising agencies. 

Why couldn’t they combine their skills and find a way to share Suniti’s approach to learning with the three million students who take the SAT and ACT each year, wherever they may be in the world? These discussions led to the creation of TestRocker.

 “When I was at Harvard Business School, I never dreamt that I would eventually launch a business with my mother and sister. But the encouragement from students, parents and school counselors has been so strong that I was convinced we needed to create TestRocker. I jumped right in!” said Sonali Mathur, CEO of TestRocker and Suniti’s elder daughter. 

 In March, TestRocker tested its content with students in different parts of the world.  The results were exciting. For instance, after reviewing TestRocker’s grammar content once, students saw an average score increase of 38% and a decrease in average time taken by 35%.  After completing the testing mentioned above, 84% of students said,I am more confident about my test-taking abilities.”

 Based on these results, TestRocker will launch its first product offering in December – SAT test prep. After a one-time payment, students will begin by taking a diagnostic test to assess their strengths and weaknesses and gain access to a customized study plan, which they can follow to study smarter not longer. Content design has been guided by constant interaction with students and their counselors to ensure its effectiveness in helping students.

 The customized study plan takes the guessing out of where to start and how much to study. “Having a personalized game plan reduces students’ anxiety and gives them the confidence to attempt any question because they feel adequately prepared,” said Suniti Mathur, TestRocker’s Ultimate Private Tutor and Chief Content Officer.

TestRocker’s SAT program will consist of over 1,000 questions with Suniti’s video explanations. The course caters to students at all levels of proficiencies by breaking out the questions into easy, medium, and hard. Additionally, Suniti has chosen question types that are frequently seen on the SAT and demonstrates how to tackle them in under a minute. Her explanations show students how to solve the problem using the most “test effective” strategies rather than simply showing what the right answer is.

 “There is increasing competition to gain admittance to the top United States academic institutions. A student’s SAT or ACT score is an important component of a college application and we intend to deliver a comprehensive course that students and parents can pick with confidence,” said Urvashi Mathur, COO of TestRocker and Suniti’s younger daughter. “TestRocker works. It is a unique, customized, convenient method that delivers on its promise.”


About TestRocker

TestRocker is a global start up with operations in Singapore and New York, focused on delivering a comprehensive online education platform for standardized test preparation. TestRocker takes a modular approach to interactive learning based on a product offering that is tried & tested, incorporates a thoughtful user experience, is web optimized, and teaches to the test. TestRocker’s goal is to help students reach their full potential and maximize their scores with life changing impact. TestRocker will be launching in December 2012.

 For more information, please visit www.testrocker.com


TestRocker™ is a trademark of TestRocker Inc. SAT® and ACT® are registered trademarks of the College Entrance Examination Board and ACT, Inc. respectively.

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About Suniti

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Suniti is the creator of TestRocker, an online learning platform that helps you unlock your dream PSAT, SAT and ACT scores. TestRocker is based on Suniti’s highly successful and proven method of teaching thousands of students how to maximize their PSAT, SAT and ACT scores for over a decade.

TestRocker is an award-winning PSAT/SAT/ACT program that empowers students to take control of their test preparation. After taking a diagnostic test, students receive a customized study plan, individualized to their strengths/weaknesses. Students practice and learn concepts through videos. Each of the 2000+ questions on TestRocker is accompanied by a video explanation from Suniti. TestRocker has the largest video library in the world for PSAT/SAT/ACT preparation. 

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