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Suniti's Advice Corner

TestRocker Jersey City Classes

Top 6 Downtown NYC High School Summer Camps

Harvard Drops The SAT & ACT Essay Requirement

Top 6 Downtown NYC Middle School Summer Camps

Parent College Prep Q&A Facebook Live

Top 10 Jersey City & Hoboken Summer Camps For Teens

Your College Process Start Now Q&A

How to Get a Perfect Score Q&A

Tip: Avoid this common SAT/ACT English Writing Section Mistake

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Answering the Most Common PSAT Score Questions

How to Register For The SAT [With Pictures]

5 Common (easily avoidable) SAT & ACT Mistakes

How High Test Scores Lead to Scholarships

9 SAT, ACT & PSAT Videos Every Student Needs to See

How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Educational Consulting Business

3 Ways to Grow Your Educational Consulting Business

Do My Scores Still Count [SAT & ACT]

Frequently Asked PreACT Questions (FAQ)

PSAT SAT & ACT Terminology [Must Know Terms]

4 Reasons to Prepare for the SAT & ACT this Summer

Top 10 Graduation Gift Ideas

NCAA SAT & ACT Requirements

Which is Easier : The SAT or ACT?

5 Reasons Why You Should Prepare for the PSAT

What International Students Need to Know About The SAT and ACT

7 Tips to Reduce Test Anxiety For The SAT & ACT

What to Do the Week of the SAT/ACT

What to Bring on SAT / ACT Test Day

The New August SAT Test Date

5 Things NOT to Do When Studying For The SAT or ACT

How to Prepare for the SAT & ACT this Summer

All About College Application Deadlines: Early Action, Early Decision & Regular Decision

How Many Times Should I Take The SAT & ACT?

All About Superscoring on The SAT & ACT

What to Do If You Blank Out During the SAT/ACT

SAT & ACT: What to Eat for Breakfast (and what not to eat)

Guide to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the ACT

New July ACT Test Date Added for 2018!

Guide to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the SAT

June Cancelled SAT test date for International Students: Details, Answers and Advice

5 Questions & Answers about Calculators on SAT Test Day

Before & After: Preparing for the ACT

Is the New SAT easier?

8 to Great! Tips for Passing Your High School Spanish Course

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Should You Take the ACT Again?

What You Need to Know About the PreACT

How to Secure Testing Accommodations for the ACT or SAT

Understanding Your 2015 PSAT Score

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Free Test Prep Services Are Costly To Students

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2015-2016 SAT/ACT Test Dates & Registration Deadlines

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Current SAT vs. New SAT Downloadable Flyer

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15 Tips About Writing An Effective SAT/ACT Essay

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Guessing on the SAT and ACT…Is it worth the risk?

Three reasons why you should study before the PSAT

Changes to the PSAT Coming in 2015

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3 Findings from the 2014 ACT College and Career Readiness Report

Study for the December ACT in just 3 weeks!

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Picking the right SAT and ACT Test Dates

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ACT changes on the horizon in 2015

Should you be studying for the SAT or ACT this summer?

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How to Study for the SAT/ACT this Summer

Developing a SAT or ACT Test-Prep Plan with your Child

5 Things you shouldn’t do before your SAT/ACT

Get ready for the June ACT in just 3 weeks!

Get ready for the June SAT in just 4 weeks

Parents: How to support your child through SAT/ACT test-prep

The Content and Structure of the New SAT

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ACT Trigonometry Tips

Beyond College Admissions: Why your SAT Score Matters

Tips on How to Master the SAT Essay

Planning for the SAT, SAT Subject tests, and the ACT

Get Ready for the April ACT in 3 weeks!

What the CollegeBoard plans to change about the SAT*

College Application Advice for Student Athletes

The ACT Science Section: It's Not Rocket Science!

How to Become a Great Test Taker

Get Ready for the March SAT in 3 weeks!

Your Guide to ACT Test Day

Good N Crazy Blog Feature: 5 ACT & SAT Study Tips

How to Ace the Hardest Part of the SAT

Prepare for the Feb 8th ACT in just 3 weeks!

3 Ways to Prepare for the Jan 25th SAT in 3 Weeks!

Planting Dandelions Blog: TestRocker Review

New Year’s Resolutions to help you ace the ACT/SAT

7 Ways to Get Ready for the SAT/ACT this Winter Break

2013 SAT/ACT Testing Deadlines for Regular Decision Applicants

The Final Chapter: A Great SAT Score!

Mommy Bunch Blog: TestRocker Review

You know your SAT score. Now what?

Guide to the Most Commonly Asked Questions about the ACT

Understanding your PSAT Score

How to Prepare for College and Education Fairs

Three reasons why the ACT might be right for you

Scared of the SAT or ACT?

Your Guide to SAT/ACT Test Day (And the Night Before)

College Rankings, the SAT/ACT, and you!

3 Ways to Prepare for the Oct 5th SAT in 3 weeks!

SAT vs ACT Webinar: Which Test is Right for You?

Social Media: An extension of Your College Applications

Rocking the SAT Writing Section: Tenses

Making SAT vocabulary fun again!

International Students: Study in the USA’s Guide to Applying for Admission to US Colleges

Rocking the SAT Critical Reading Section: 3 Steps to Master the Main Idea Question

3 Reasons to Prepare for the SAT this Summer

Suniti's Time Management Tips for High School Students

3 steps to being more productive (and finding more SAT study time!)

Get Ready for the June 1st SAT in 3 weeks!

The Unexpected and Planning to Succeed (on the SAT)

3 Ways to Prepare for the May 4th SAT in 3 weeks!

The 5 Things You Shouldn't Do With Your Practice SAT Results

TestRocker's Guide to the Most Commonly Asked Questions About the SAT

A TestRocker Student’s Journey to her Dream SAT Score: Meet Floor

College Ready: Help your child get ahead during their junior year!

Fall in Love with your SAT Score

10 Ways to Make the Most of your Relationship with your Guidance Counselor

March 9th SAT takers: Start preparing today!

January 24th SAT takers: How to prep over the next 3 weeks!

Discouraged by your PSAT results?

Juniors! 4 Ways to Make the Most of Winter Break

6 Things to Consider When Shortlisting U.S. Colleges as an International Student

Getting Creative: Ideas for Counselors at Small High Schools

Dispelling Myths About Independent Education Consultants

Practical tips: How to get your students to apply for scholarships

The TestRocker Story

The new Common App sparks heated debate

TestRocker, a new online learning platform, to be launched in December 2012

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Suniti is the creator of TestRocker, an online learning platform that helps you unlock your dream PSAT, SAT and ACT scores. TestRocker is based on Suniti’s highly successful and proven method of teaching thousands of students how to maximize their PSAT, SAT and ACT scores for over a decade.

TestRocker is an award-winning PSAT/SAT/ACT program that empowers students to take control of their test preparation. After taking a diagnostic test, students receive a customized study plan, individualized to their strengths/weaknesses. Students practice and learn concepts through videos. Each of the 2000+ questions on TestRocker is accompanied by a video explanation from Suniti. TestRocker has the largest video library in the world for PSAT/SAT/ACT preparation. 

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