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TestRocker Jersey City Classes

Posted by Suniti Mathur on Tue, Oct 23, 2018

We are officially open in Jersey City! Last week Jersey City Councilman James Solomon welcomed us to the city with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

In 2016, we moved headquarters from New York City  to Jersey City. Jersey City is an up and coming city directly across the river from New York. From Jersey City we’ve continued to build out our online prep program and tools  to reach more students globally. We’re proud to say that we’ve now worked with over 10,000 students in 40 different countries!

In early 2018, we decided to do a soft launch of in-person classes right in our main offices. The team decided to start classes in Jersey City for a number of reasons:

  • After building a successful brand internationally by bringing students online and in-class test prep we’ve been eager to develop classrooms in the US.
  • We’ve discovered a big need for testing support and information for Jersey City residents. Many students and families are lost in the complex and confusing testing process and need a little extra help.  
  • Jersey City is busy, bustling, and growing! But the city is also home to a tight-knit community of families looking for the best education available.  

We saw an opportunity to offer classes to students locally and that’s just what we did. After an extended soft launch period, the classes have grown to serve more than 80 students and their families. TestRocker plans on helping more students and families by expanding throughout Hudson County, New Jersey and beyond.

The in-person classes have been very rewarding for us. Getting to meet our students and their families in-person, knowing them personally, and seeing them succeed brings the team a great amount of pride.

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 2.34.44 PM

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 2.32.48 PMScreen Shot 2018-10-23 at 2.33.44 PM

Our classes are available year round. Enrollment is always rolling but space is limited and spots are reserved on a first come first serve basis. We like to create  small group classes so that each tutor gets a lot of one-on-one time with students. Classes are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays depending on the test and the time of year.

We have classes for the SAT and ACT, but also classes for the PSAT, PSAT 8/9, and other high school entrance exams as well.

Classes operate as an extension of the online TestRocker course. Students work on their TestRocker accounts as an expert tutor provides brief lessons to the class and provides personalized  support with each student throughout the class time.

The TestRocker  classroom is located at 190 Christopher Columbus Drive in Jersey City’s Historic Downtown neighborhood. The newly renovated Vito A. Lofts provide students with a comfortable and modern classroom experience.

In order to enroll in our PSAT, SAT or ACT test prep classes families first need to attend a free consultation. During the consultation we discuss how your student can accomplish their entrance exam goals, create a personalized study plan, how TestRocker works and our available class  schedule, and cover any other questions students and their families might have. You can pick a time to meet with TestRocker that’s right for you and your family - click here to begin or call 201-333-1023.

Call us 201-333-1023

Choose a Consultation

In January, we will be launching classes in Manhattan to provide support for the kids in that community which is a highly competitive high school environment.

If you think there’s a need or opportunity in your city or your school email contactus@testrocker.com

TestRocker is an online PSAT, SAT & ACT prep class that has students and classes around the world. TestRocker has taught more than 10,000 students in over 40 countries. They have won multiple education awards and have earned the approval of  parents, students, and educators across three continents. On average, TestRocker students improve their scores by more than 180 on the SAT and more than 4 points on the ACT.

TestRocker was designed by educator Suniti Mathur. With more than 18 years of experience preparing students for standardized tests, Suniti has perfected a learning program designed for students of all skill levels. The TestRocker program allows each student to reach their full potential and the highest scores possible.



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Top 6 Downtown NYC High School Summer Camps

Posted by Suniti Mathur on Mon, Apr 09, 2018

NYC has a ton to offer when it comes to camps for young kids, and for high school students there are programs out there. They're just a little harder to find. You can find just about anything for your child. If your child is interested in tech, there are camps for that. If they like sports or outdoors activity then yes, there's a camp for that. 

We spent a lot of time vetting and curating a list of the TOP 6 programs (listed below in alphabetical order) for Downtown NYC  area high school student to take part in this summer. This list consists of tech, science, acting,  leadership and even academic based programs.

nyc summer acting camp for high school

Camp Broadway

Camp Broadway has 2 programs for teens. 

Mainstage: Camp Broadway® Mainstage is designed for theater-loving kids, ages 10-17, to develop their confidence, character and presentation skills through ensemble performance. Open to all children, regardless of previous performing experience, this 5-day program encourages aspiring artists and future audiences through a wide array of classes, workshops and experiences.

Ages 10 – 17

New York City: July 9 – 13, 2018

Tuition: $1,350

The Next Step: a specialized musical theater intensive of musical theater classes taught by Broadway professionals, for aspiring teen performers, ages 14-17, who have had some previous on-stage experience. A highly unique program, The Next Step weaves traditional musical theater training into an immersive theatrical environment designed to give participants the opportunity to understand what it’s really like to be a Broadway “Gypsy”.

Ages 14-17


New York City: July 16-20 & July 23-27, 2018

Tuition: $1,495




Camp Fashion Design

Ages: 11-17

Price: $999

Dates: July 10-13th & July 31st- Aug 3rd

Camp fashion design is the summer camp for fashionistas. Students between 11-17 can learn about fashion in NYC and take part in boot camps to learn from industry professionals.

Through workshops, teamwork, field trips, and tours the designers will get a well rounded experience of the fashion world. Held at the Marriott Marquis Hotel, campers will be in time square and the heart of the fashion world.



Grades 9-10

Price: FREE

STEM Summer in the City, a free, five week for current 2nd - 10th graders that is engaging and a fun summer program designed around STEM - science, technology, engineering and math.  

In addition to weekly STEM challenges, involving coding & game design, developing engineering solutions and inventing with robotics, the program also includes enrichment opportunities in the Arts, Physical Education and includes trips to NYC cultural institutions.   

  • Students are accepted into this program via a lottery  
  • Program runs from July 5, 2018 to August 09, 2018
  • Monday through Thursdays from 8:30AM - 2: 30PM 
  • Breakfast and lunch are included 
  • Free transportation is provided, depending on students’ grade level and the distance between their residence and school. Learn more about student transportation services.

STEM Summer in the City takes place in 11 locations across the city. To learn more about these locations, click on the school names below.


NYU Teen Summer Programs

Grades 9-12

NYU’s varied array of high school programs offer flexibility and options that can be tailored to your individual needs and schedule. Most programs are offered during the summer, but there are options for weekend workshops during the fall and spring. Application processes, requirements and deadlines are varied; as are housing and financial aid offerings.

Each program draws on the strengths of NYU’s various schools and colleges. Whether it’s by earning college credit or strengthening artistic or professional skills in an intensive non-credit offering, students will experience college and city life, first hand. Many of our programs allow students to increase their academic portfolio, while others enhance performance and studio art experiences. Be sure to visit each specific website to see which program is right for you.


Rockefeller Summer Neuroscience Program

Ages: 16-18


The Summer Neuroscience Program (SNP) at The Rockefeller University is a two-week course aimed at introducing talented and enthusiastic high school students to the brain. Led by graduate students, the program takes a look at the most current research in neuroscience in an effort to understand how our brain works and how it relates to our daily life. In addition to the series of highly interactive lectures, students present fun and fascinating journal articles to their classmates. Students also visit research laboratories, dissect brains, and design and conduct neuroscience experiments.

SNP 2018 will take place from August 20-31, meeting Monday through Friday from 9:30am to 4:00pm. Classes are held at the Rockefeller University in Manhattan (Map), and all expenses are covered, including MTA passes, meals, and school supplies throughout the program. Please note that accepted applicants will be required to commit to attending the entire program, barring any emergencies. Please do not apply if you will not be available for any part of the program.

We seek motivated, mature, and inquisitive students, irrespective of previous scholastic achievement or interest level in science. 


 TestRocker NYC PSAT, SAT & ACT Summer Classes

Location: The Farm SoHo - 447 Broadway 2nd floor, New York, NY 10013

Ages: Current 9th-12th Graders

Students of all ages that need to prepare for their upcoming high school admissions tests can join TestRocker for this Summer. The program will combine TestRocker's award winning online program with small in person classes conducted by a private tutor with over 18 years of experience. The curriculum will be based around keeping your child on track with their school education as well as getting them prepared for their upcoming entrance exams. 

Free Diagnostic Testing & Consultation Available

SSAT, SHSAT, & ISEE tests are also available for middle school students preparing for their high school entrance exam.

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 3.29.51 PM














See our list of NYC middle school camps here.

Do you have a Downtown NYC summer camp or program? Email john (at) testrocker (dot) com to be considered for this list.

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Harvard Drops The SAT & ACT Essay Requirement

Posted by Suniti Mathur on Fri, Apr 06, 2018

The essay section of the SAT and ACT is widely known amongst high schools as the optional section of both tests. Until recently,  those who took these tests did not get the choice between taking the essay or not and it was one more thing to worry about. It's a section that you would think makes sense for the schools. Students need to prove that their ability to write is up to the standard of their college of interest. So why is it now optional?

CollegeBoard and Universities around the country acknowledge that one timed essay on a random topic proves little of the student's writing ability. Schools all over the country have dumped their own requirements for receiving essay scores. As reported by the Washington Post, Harvard is the most prestigious school to recently announce their dismissal of their essay requirement. Only 28 schools now require the essay.

Now that the test providers have made the essay optional it requires an additional cost in order to take. It's also an inconvenience for the student, because in order to do the essay the student must take the entire assessment. Therefore, it requires an entire Saturday commitment by the student when they may need to travel a long distance to get to the test center. But there must be a reason students would still do the essay, right?

Should students opt for the ‘Essay’ component of the SAT or ACT?

To answer the question above, we do need to touch upon the necessity for standardized tests as a whole. It is broadly understood that in addition to school grades and extracurricular achievement certifications, there is a need for standardized tests such as the  SAT or ACT to help admissions authorities to:

  1. Select the right students from an ever-growing pool of applicants. (1,090,621 members of the Class of 2017 took the SAT)
  2. Match student’s ‘college readiness’ in Reading, Writing , and Mathematics, to the requirements of the colleges.
  3. Select the students who would be able to match the abilities of other students in that college or class or discipline.
  4. Eliminate students who would not be able to keep up with the required rigor of the college.

So, it can be concluded that the system of standardized tests allows colleges to match the students to colleges requirements, and to eliminate those who may not fit into the academic standards required by those colleges.

Now, let us focus on the recent debate on the ‘Essay’ component of the SAT and ACT.  Only about 28 colleges require the Essay along with SAT or ACT scores. Interestingly, as previously stated, Harvard recently dropped off from the ‘Essay required’ list.

The Essay component was redesigned in 2016 by College Board in response to a survey where teachers said that the biggest issue they face in freshman classes in college was students lacking in writing skills. Thus, the Essay component of the SAT or ACT is used by colleges to determine the level of skill that a student has in reading a mature text and writing a cogent response in a test environment where the response has to be impromptu, organized, well developed, linguistic and logically sophisticated. Such a response is another tool for admissions authorities to determine if a student stands out in a crowded arena of top scores.

Discuss your SAT ACT plans with an expert

Colleges usually require an essay in their application. So why should a student take the essay section of the SAT/ACT?

The answer to this question lies in the fact that the essays submitted in the application process cannot determine distinction amongst students’ abilities in writing because those responses are not written in a standardized and constrained test environment. Application essays are written, re-written, edited, proofread, and on some occasions aided. Only essays written during the test can be certified to be student responses.

Should I take the SAT/ACT Essay?

All said, to take or not take the Essay on the SAT or ACT is a decision that a student has to take on a personal college requirement basis. Sometimes students are not even sure about the colleges that are going to be on their applications list. Broadly, a student should opt for the Essay component if even one of the colleges on his/her list requires the essay. It is important to note that a student must take the essay component along with the full test, and not separately.

How to Prepare For The Essay?

At TestRocker, we train all students to write perfect essays. We believe that the Essay Writing skill is an important skill to hone. It takes years of practice to be able to develop essay writing skills in response to given texts or arguments. Reading and Writing skills are important through college, careers and life. So why not learn, practice and develop such skills? After all, the SAT and ACT are not the end all and be all of life.

Here's an example  a TestRocker grammar video.

Discuss your SAT ACT plans with an expert

Top 6 Downtown NYC Middle School Summer Camps

Posted by Suniti Mathur on Wed, Mar 28, 2018

NYC has a ton to offer when it comes to summer camps for middle schoolers. You can find just about anything to do for your child. If your child is interested in tech, there are camps for that. If they like sports or outdoors activity then yes, there's a camp for that. 

We spent a lot of time vetting and curating a list of the TOP 5 programs (listed below in alphabetical order) for Downtown NYC  area middle schoolers to take part in this summer. This list consists of tech, music, athletics, leadership and even academic based programs.



Asphalt Green Summer Day Camp

Location: Battery Park

Senior Camp | Ages: 8-13 Years Old

Senior Camp provides adolescents the springboard to become future leaders. Campers are given the opportunity to build confidence and assume leadership roles. Senior campers customize their summer camp experience through electives, to encourage independent thinking. Previous options include newspaper club, dance, theater, sports, and fitness.

The camp offers a few different options regarding schedule. They provide options for between 5-6 week camps that doesn’t need to be used consecutively, full summer, or 3-4 week camps that are consecutive. Price ranges from $5,475 - $6,850 for seniors depending on schedule plan. You can get more detail here


Chelsea Piers Full Day Camps

Location: Chelsea

Ages: 5-17 Years Old (Depending on sport)

Chelsea Piers offers a variety of full-day sports camps. In each camp, children are grouped by age and ability level to maximize learning and focus on individual skill development. Experienced counselors work with small groups to teach proper technique, identify individual strengths and help campers reach their highest potential. Each camp features a unique daily recreational period that allows campers to try new activities and enjoy a well-rounded sports education.

Camps are each day Monday-Friday each week of the summer from June 18th to August 31st. Campers can sign up for one week of fun or all summer.

May 18
May 19 
SAVE: 8+ weeks $675/wk $770/wk
3-7 weeks $705/wk $855/wk
Two weeks $735/wk $875/wk
One week $795/wk $895/wk

Camps Offered:

  • Golf
  • Gymnastics
  • Ice Skating
  • Ice Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Urban Adventure
  • Ninja & Parkour
  • Sports Academy (variety of sports)



 NYU Lavner Camps

Location: NYU Kimmel Center

Ages: 6-15 Years Old

At NYU, located in Greenwich Village in Manhattan, their 2018 summer camps offer NYC campers the opportunity to experience a variety of innovative and enriching computer & technology camps, creative arts camps, and more! Their 2018 NYC camps are conveniently located for NYC families in Greenwich Village and near the East Village, Lower East Side, Soho, Union Square, Chinatown, Noho, Chelsea, Tribeca, The Financial District, Battery Park City, Gramercy Park, Midtown East, Midtown West, The Upper East Side, and the Upper West Side.

You can see the camp schedule for each of the different tech geared camps here

Tuition ranges from $699 per week to $789 per week.


Replay Music Studio

Location: Greenwich

Ages: 8-18 Years Old

Replay Music Studios offers weeklong summer and holiday camps for the beginning or seasoned musician aged eight to 18. Participants make original rock/pop music, learn to play the songs they like and delve into the fundamentals of songwriting, arranging, and musical collaboration. Half-day sessions take place for a full week and are led by experienced, multi-instrumentalist band coaches.

Summer Camp meets from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, or starting at 12pm if adding private lessons (see below).

Dates for Summer 2018 – weeks offered:
June 18 – 22
June 25 – 29
July 9 – 13
July 16 – 20
July 23 – 27
July 30 – August 3
August 13 – 17
August 20 – 24





Location: Pace University & NYU Metro Campus

Ages: 13-19

SOCAPA New York City is centered around two neighboring campuses, one in downtown Manhattan at our Pace University campus in the South Street Seaport area, and the other in downtown Brooklyn at New York University’s Metrotech Campus. The campuses are connected by the Brooklyn Bridge, each is at its respective foot of the bridge, and students should expect to have classes, meetings, meals at either or.

SOCAPA New York City offers summer camps in Filmmaking, Acting, Dance, Photography and Music. Camps range in length from one to three weeks.


 TestRocker NYC PSAT, SSAT, SHSAT, ISEE Summer Bootcamps

Location: The Farm SoHo, 447 Broadway 2nd floor, New York, NY 10013

Ages: Current 7th-11th Graders

Students of all ages that need to prepare for their upcoming high school admissions tests can join TestRocker for this Summer. The program will combine TestRocker's award winning online program with small in person classes conducted by a private tutor with over 18 years of experience. The curriculum will be based around keeping your child on track with their school education as well as getting them prepared for their upcoming entrance exams. 

SAT & ACT tests are also available.

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 3.29.51 PM

We also listed off the top 6 high school  summer camps for NYC teens to consider. 

Do you have a Downtown NYC summer camp or program? Email john (at) testrocker (dot) com to be considered for this list.

Parent College Prep Q&A Facebook Live

Posted by Suniti Mathur on Fri, Mar 16, 2018

When should my child start their SAT ACT prep?

The content tested on the SAT and ACT is content that your kids will be learning in school at different points in time. When you begin preparation will depend a lot on what math classes your kids are taking. The math sections on the SAT and ACT cover Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and a little bit of Trigonometry and higher-level math. When your kids are taking these classes, it’s not a bad idea to incorporate some sort of test prep while the topics are still fresh in their mind. That way they won’t have to completely re-learn the material by the time the test comes around. Take a look at this SAT/ACT planning check list. 

When is the right time for my child to take the SAT or ACT?

Test scores never expire. So if your child is familiar with all the topics covered, they can take it as early as 9th grade, and those scores will count for their college applications. The vast majority of students don’t take it until 11th grade. The latest that you want to take it is May/June before 12th grade. You want to fit at least 2 test attempts to qualify for SuperScoring as well as getting your application submitted for early decision. Both of these strategies increase your chance at getting accepted. 

Should my child take the SAT or ACT?

Nowadays, the SAT and ACT resemble each other more. TestRocker has a short questionnaire to find out which test will be best for your child.  There are two main differences between the SAT and the ACT. The ACT has a science section. The science section doesn’t require any prior knowledge going into it. It’s more of a mixture of the reading section and the math section. It measures your ability to interpret graphs, charts, and data. The SAT is more reading intensive, and there are more words you have to get through. If your child is a slow reader, that might be an indication that they’ll do better on the ACT. The vast majority of students do just as well as one as on the other. Try not to spend too much time figuring out which test your child should take, and instead devote that time to preparing and planning.

How many times can my child take the SAT or ACT?

There’s no limit—you can take it as many times as you want. That said, we recommend you take the SAT 2-3 times and the ACT twice. On the SAT, there’s a practice called superscoring, which means you can take your highest section scores from multiple test sittings and add those together to get your final score. So taking the SAT a third time only works in your favor if you can fit it in. Most colleges don’t superscore the ACT.

Can I send multiple scores to colleges?

Yes. On test day, you can list schools to which you want to send scores. Before test day, it’s a good idea to know school codes so you can list those. Sending multiple scores to the same school is a good way to demonstrate your interest in those schools. Also, most schools SuperScore. Learn how SuperScoring  works.

How many months should it take my 10th grader to study for the SAT or ACT?

We recommend getting 30 hours of study time over your entire process. That’s when we see the best results. You can break that up however it fits best in your schedule. This allows you to use the summer and some of your less busy months for studying. The actual number of months isn’t as important. Of course, the earlier you can start, the better.

Discuss your SAT ACT plans with an expert

Do SAT or ACT scores help with financial aid? If a student gets a high SAT or ACT score, can they get more money to pay for college?

Yes and yes. There are different thresholds that different schools apply. There are also other scholarship opportunities independent of the colleges, and qualifications include certain test scores. CollegeInsightPros works with students and their families to figure out the best course of action for saving the most money in college.  

I know students who have taken more than 10 practice tests and have not seen score improvements. Why is that? Shouldn’t their scores be going up each time?

While it’s great to get a feel for the test, and you must do this before taking the test for real, continuing to do the same things over and over again without fixing what you’re getting wrong will only get you so far. This is why it’s a good idea to take practice tests once you have a solid understanding of the material. Figuring out where your strengths and weaknesses are and tackling those weaknesses will get you a better score. That’s why at TestRocker, we provide instruction for every single question you answer as part of our program.

Talk with one of our SAT/ACT prep experts. 

Schedule Planning Session

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Top 10 Jersey City & Hoboken Summer Camps For Teens

Posted by Suniti Mathur on Mon, Mar 12, 2018

Jersey City is a bustling area for families. We noticed that while there are many lists of summer camps and organizations designed for toddlers to tweens, it is challenging to find information regarding programs for teenagers.

We spent a lot of time vetting and curating a list of the TOP 10 programs (listed below in alphabetical order) for Jersey City area teens to take part in this summer. This list consists of art, athletics, leadership and even academic based programs.


Boys & Girls Club, Best Buy Summer Teen Tech Camp, Jersey City or Hoboken

Get More Info

Ages: 13-18 Years Old

The Teen Tech Summer Camp is for teens ages 13-18. Each week will have a different theme from photography and graphic design to film making to motion graphics to coding and apps to Google Maker Camp. 


Camp Liberty, Jersey City

Get More Info

Ages: 13-15 Years Old

The Camp Liberty Summer Teen Program offers teens positive and exciting arts and recreation activities and a safe place to socialize and recreate with their peers.  

The program is divided into four two-week sessions: two with a focus on the arts and two with a focus on recreation. Its goals are to help young people develop confidence, integrity, leadership and teamwork.


International Ivy Summer Enrichment Program, Jersey City

Get More Info

Ages: Up to 15 Years Old

International Ivy promotes creativity and hands-on learning in subjects such as Robotics, Video Game Creation, Computer Programming, Science, Engineering, Math, Minecraft, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Digital Design and more.

All classes are weekly, Monday to Friday, between June 25 to August 17.  Families can enroll for one week or multiple weeks, full-day (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM) or half-day (9:00 AM – 12:30 PM or 1:30 PM – 5:00 PM).  International Ivy is located in many locations throughout New Jersey and New York. 


Mile Square Theater, Hoboken

Get More Info

Ages: Up to 17 Years Old

MST Summer Dance Workshops offer a diverse curriculum featuring Dance Conditioning, Ballet, Contemporary, Theatre Dance, Hip Hop, Flamenco, Improvisation, and Young Choreographers’ Workshop. Students work with professional dancers in an environment that encourages creativity and artistic growth.
MST Summer Theater Workshops offer an opportunity to work with professional actors on auditioning and theatre technique as well as perform on MST's stage. Week 1 culminates in an audition for a NYC casting director. Week 2 culminates in a performance for parents and friends.


Nimbus Dance Works, Downtown Jersey City

Get More Info

Ages: 13-18 Years Old

For the dancers out there, Nimbus Dance Works will be holding their 2-week Teen Intensive. This program is designed for any dancer who wants to improve their technique or to be exposed to new styles. If you’re applying to a competitive dance college then this is for you. The program begins July 9th, 2018.


Saint Peters Prep Sports Camps, Jersey City

Get More Info 

Ages: 6th-9th Graders

Saint Peter's Prep Sports Camps are directed by varsity Head Coaches. Assistant coaches in each sport, in addition to the finest coaches from around the Tri-State, round out the individual staff lending unique expertise and supervision to our campers. The camps provide in depth instruction designed to hone techniques, fundamentals and a strong foundation in all aspects of the particular game of choice. Campers are provided a unique opportunity to become acclimated with the school, area, facilities and staff.

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 7.00.24 PM.png

Sailors NYC, Jersey City

Get More Info

Ages: 11-18 Years

Sailors NYC is offering the ONLY program in the New York Harbor that is instructed by USCG licensed instructors who are experienced in working with children and youth.  We teach sailing through a variety of fun and engaging activities that keep the teens excited for more. At the end of a one week program the children will be able to qualify for the Qualified Crew Member Rank Certification. This certification is the foundation for future sailing certification your child will be able to obtain as they grow up.


Stevens Institute of Tech, Hoboken

Get More Info

Ages: 11th & 12th Graders

You may not know exactly what you want to do yet, but you know whatever it is, it’s going to be big. When you enroll in a pre-college program at Stevens, you can explore your ideas and interests in a pressure-free, inspiring academic environment that welcomes big thinkers.

What distinguishes their pre-college programs from others is that you get to create something from to start to finish: a business plan, a video game, an investment portfolio, a short animation. Yes, you’ll leave with a stronger college application, you’ll try out a potential major, get a taste of what campus life is really like and make some new friends.


jersey-city-summer-classes (1).jpg


TestRocker SAT, ACT, PSAT Summer Bootcamps, Jersey City

Get More Info

Ages: Current 7th-11th Graders

Students of all ages that need to prepare for the SAT, ACT, PSAT or a high school entrance exam can join TestRocker for this Summer. The program will combine TestRocker's award winning online program with small in person classes conducted by a private tutor with over 18 years of experience. The curriculum will be based around keeping your child on track with their school education as well as getting them prepared for their upcoming entrance exams. 

TestRocker's classroom location in Jersey City has a modern open design and high tech equipment make the learning atmosphere fun and engaging.  Class sizes are capped at 8 students to ensure a more personal 1-on-1 experience. 

SAT/ACT Summer Class: 2 spots remaining
PSAT 8/9 Summer Class for admission into McNair and Infinity: 2 spots remaining

Discuss your SAT ACT plans with an expert


Urban Arts at Monroe, Hoboken

Get More Info

Ages: All Ages

Students will explore the work of a different artist each class and complete an image inspired by that artist. Instruction will include the use of various media and a foundation in art history and concepts.  These classes are offered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

You can register for 1 class, 2 classes, a full week or all the classes!

Summer 2018 Sessions – June 25 through July 26

Discuss your SAT ACT plans with an expert

Do you have a Jersey City area summer camp or program? Email john (at) testrocker (dot) com to be considered for this list.

Your College Process Start Now Q&A

Posted by Suniti Mathur on Fri, Mar 09, 2018

For today's mailbag we are answering questions about the college application process as a 9th or 10th grade student. In February we held a free seminar about why your college  application process should start now and not later for 9th or 10th graders. At the end of the seminar we fielded questions live from students and parents about the process. Below is the Q&A during this seminar in video and written form. The written form includes additional questions that we received after  the live seminar concluded. Enjoy and please ask your own questions in the comment section below.

How early can I take the SAT or ACT? If I take them in 9th or 10th grade, do they count?

You can take the official SAT or ACT at any grade. They will count and the colleges will receive them. If you take either test during middle school scores will not go on your official application unless you request for the score to be saved. Unless you have a specific reason to, there’s no need to take either test in 9th grade. But if you’re really prepared to take it at the end of 10th grade - then go for it! Click Here to understand why your scores may or may not be valid any longer.

When should I study for the SAT/ACT?

Focus on your grades first. Then worry about your test scores. The value of starting your SAT & ACT prep in 9th or 10th grade is that you don't need to rush. Cramming for the test as an 11th or 12th grader will be much less effective than a long term study plan. You can get your own study plan for free here. 

  Discuss your SAT ACT plans with an expert

If a 10th grader gets a 3.0 in the first quarter and then a 3.7 in the second quarter, is that okay?

GPA stands for grand point average. This means that the colleges are going to look at your average scores throughout the course of the four years. While you obviously want to try to get the highest grades you can, one semester or quarter of poor performance or a lower GPA isn’t necessarily going to make or break your chances of admission. That being said, in 11th and 12th grade, it only gets harder to maintain your high GPA. So if your grades are slipping for any reason in any class, make sure you get the necessary help to correct that right away.

Can I take the test too many times?

We recommend that you don’t take the test more than 3 times. There are other important aspects of your application that you need to focus on, namely your GPA and your essays.

What is covered in the test prep planning sessions that you offer for free?

We’ll do an hour-long one-on-one session where we go over any scores you have now. You’ll be encouraged to take a diagnostic test so we can go over your areas of weakness and come up with a plan of action specific to your particular situation and abilities. Click Here to sign up for a free SAT or ACT Expert Consultation.

What is covered during the summer boot camp?

Our private tutor Suniti is going to teach live classes and do rapid fire practice questions with you. You’ll be able to ask her as many questions as you want. Subjects covered will include Reading, Math and English/Grammar. For more information and to learn more, click here

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How to Get a Perfect Score Q&A

Posted by Suniti Mathur on Mon, Feb 26, 2018

TestRocker holds free live events all year around. We present on tips, strategies and special SAT & ACT information. Most events are geared towards students while some are geared towards parents. See our entire list of upcoming events. Each live event has a set amount of time for a Q&A.  Below is the summary of the Q&A for our most recent live event How to Get a Perfect Score.

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Is it easier to get a perfect score on the SAT or ACT?

It’s hard to say, because they are two very different tests. For example, there is more reading on the SAT, while the ACT gives you more of a chance to show off your quantitative skills. The best way to know which test you’ll do better on is to take our 5-minute propensity quiz. It can be a good idea to take both, especially if you are applying to highly competitive schools. To learn read more about the differences and which one may be easier you can read this article. 

When have you taken the test too many times?

We recommend that you don’t take the test more than 3 times. There are other important aspects of your application that you need to focus on, namely your GPA and your essays.

Should I take the SAT again if I've already scored 1500?

A 1500 is a great score, but it can’t hurt to take it again. You can take a look at what you got wrong and see if you can’t do even better. Colleges will like that you put in the extra effort. If this is you then you should watch the entire How to Get a Perfect Score Seminar.

When should I study for the SAT/ACT?

Focus on your grades first. Then worry about your test scores. TestRocker is designed for the busy students who have small pockets of time, even if it’s just 15 minutes a day. Regular practice is the name of the game. You can try it out for free here. 

Can I ask the teacher questions on TestRocker?

Yes! Click on the “Community” tab to ask a question, and you’ll get an email response within 24 hours. You also have live access to our teacher every Tuesday during our Live Practice Classes.

Do Ivy League schools require perfect test scores?

The best thing to do is to go to the school’s admissions website and look at the distribution of scores of the admitted class from the previous years. Obviously, the higher the better, but admissions committees may make exceptions for truly exceptional students, even if they have lower scores.

Can an average score become an awesome score?

TestRocker’s average score increase is 4 points on the ACT and 180 points on the SAT. If you’re an average scorer because of test-taking skills, we’ll help you conquer that.

Is it true that the SAT can get harder in different months?

To some extent, yes, because you are competing with the other people who are taking the test. So if you’re taking the test during less popular months, like in the summer, you have an advantage. However, the difference is so minimal, that this should not be your deciding factor. You should take the test when you feel ready.

Is there a point at which you can’t improve your score anymore?

If you have enough time to practice and you are using an effective tool, there is no reason you can’t get a perfect score. However, there are practical reasons you should not take the test more than 3 times, most importantly that you need to allocate your time to other aspects of your application.

Discuss your SAT ACT plans with an expert

Can you talk about stress management?

The best way to alleviate stress is to know what’s going to be on the test, practice your weaknesses, manage your time, take the test multiple times, and pay special attention to the reading section.

We have an article about test taking anxiety. In this you will find more tips on how to manage your anxiety for test day.

If I’m running out of time, can I answer more questions quickly and correctly?

This is a bad strategy if you’re trying to get a perfect score. You want to try to get these harder questions correctly, so make sure you allocate your time properly according to the level of difficulty.

Does TestRocker have anything for the essay?

Yes! First of all, do not see the essay question as optional. We show you examples of the essays that score well and then let you practice. You can submit 2 practice essays, and then we give you handwritten feedback within 2 business days.

What is a decent score for SAT subject tests?

Usually a 700 or above shows that you know the subject well. It is best to take the subject tests right after you’ve covered the material in school. Choose the tests you are going to take wisely—subjects that you are strong in and are taking higher-level classes in. For example, preparing for an AP exam is also great preparation for the SAT subject test in the same subject. Just take the SAT subject tests once, as they don’t superscore and you won’t have enough test attempts. Because the SAT subject tests cover material you’ve learned in school, you will be less nervous and are more likely to do well with just one attempt.

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If you have more questions, send us an email at contactus@testrocker.com.

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Tip: Avoid this common SAT/ACT English Writing Section Mistake

Posted by Suniti Mathur on Fri, Feb 23, 2018

Underlining text in passages is important…


One of the tips you will always see when it comes to passage-based sections is to underline important parts of the passage as you read. This is true for all passages, regardless of section. By underlining as you read, you are able to better absorb the information in these lengthy, not-so-easy-to-read passages. Underlining also helps you prioritize important parts of the passage to reference once you start answering the questions.

BUT: Should you underline text in the SAT/ACT English Writing Sections?

The SAT Writing and ACT English sections are passage-based, and usually include questions that reference specific underlined portions of the given passage. While it is helpful to somehow annotate the text as you read for comprehension, you should avoid underlining at all costs.

Here are 2 reasons why you shouldn’t underline anything in the English Writing Sections:

  1. Many students mix up what was underlined by them vs. the test itself. This can lead to making silly mistakes once they start answering questions. You always want to be 100% clear on what the question wants you to reference/answer.
  2. You will waste time trying to identify which areas you marked as important.

Although you shouldn’t underline, annotating the text as you read is a very important strategy. So, use non-traditional forms of annotation, such as squiggly lines, arrows, circled text, asterisks. Basically, use ways to draw attention to the important parts without using straight underlines.

x.pngDon't Do This Y-1.pngDo This Instead!
questions.png questions 1.png

This quick and easy fix will surely prevent you from wasting too much time or worse, making silly mistakes on the SAT/ACT English Writing sections.

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How to Register For The ACT [With Pictures]

Posted by Suniti Mathur on Mon, Jan 08, 2018

 Planning on taking the ACT? Awesome! However, unlike the tests you take at school, you can’t just show up at the test center. You need to register first. Without registering, you won’t be able to take the test.

You might be thinking, “Great! Another thing I have to add to my to-do list.” Studying for the ACT is already stressful, and having to take care of the necessary logistics is a pain. But in this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through the process of how to register online—the easiest way to register. Follow these steps, and you should be able to register with no problem. Once that’s out of the way, you can go back to studying. Registration takes about 40 minutes. You’ll want to have on hand your or your parents’ credit card information, your high school course details, and a headshot photo.

Before getting into the registration steps, keep in mind that you’ll want to register as early as possible in order to get your preferred testing location. They also have strict registration deadlines. For US students you can register late with a fee. But we recommend not procrastinating for this! Sometimes seats do become sold out. For more info on this check the ACT website. 

TABLE: This table represents the test dates and registration deadlines for the ACT

2017-2018 ACT Dates (International)
Test Date Registration Deadline
September 9, 2017 August 4, 2017
October 28, 2017 September 22, 2017
December 9, 2017 November 3, 2017
April 14, 2018 March 9, 2018
June 9, 2018 May 4, 2018

Source: ACT.org

Find out what ACT skills you need to improve.

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